Vjuan Allure

               ~What’s in a name? ~  

Plenty! And it’s not Vaughn or Vonn, - (though it IS pronounced that way)  it’s VJUAN. A
derivative of his Grandfather and Great Grandfathers names meshed together, you get the idea.
Aside from a rather peculiar name, he is a true International enigma that has caught the Dance
Music-World by storm. A DJ, Producer, Re-mixer, Artist, Dancer, Speaker, Club Host, Promoter,
Radio Station Personality – you name it, Vjuan Allure does it with ease and a winning smile that
proves that he was definitely born to entertain. Non-stop energy and passion is what drives him
to incredible performances whether it’s for an intimate crowd or a huge dance arena with guest
numbering in the thousands – he is comfortable, confident, and approachable.
Vjuan Allure:
“I’ve been granted a gift and I don’t take it lightly. I believe it’s my destiny to do what
I’m doing.”  
What he’s referring to are those legendary Vjuan Allure Exclusives: those sickening remixes or
his hot original compositions that have been embraced by the Ballroom and worldwide
audiences. Beginning in 2000 after a trip to the Midwest – the initial re-mix sparked a fire in the
Ballroom community.
Vjuan Allure:
“This is my way of giving back and extending the Ballroom scene. My joy comes not from the
props and praise that people give me, although I am very grateful, it comes from watching the
reaction of people enjoying my music….and that’s when I smile most.”
A proud walking member of the Legendary House Of
Allure since 2000
– “I represent Allure – the Allure way. I just don’t WALK a category, I PERFORM”
                                                                          `Vjuan Allure`

The Legendary Old Way


Ponce, Puerto Rico

New York City (Brooklyn) and Atlantic City New Jersey

Washington ,DC (also NYC and Italy)

Foreign Exchange Student: Naples Italy
Graduated University Of Naples 04 – International Culture Relationships and
Graduated University Of Maryland 04 – Mass Communications

Music! Production, arrangement, composition, broadcasting, foreign languages, computers.

Vjuan Allure:
“I listen to everything, and know a lot of different genres, but my favorite is House. I’m also into Hip
Hop/R&B, Salsa, Dance-hall, Classics – you name it, I pretty much like it…or will remix it.”